Weather: Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore

Seasonality is barely a concern when planning travel to this moist equatorial country. Temperatures in Malaysia hardly deviate through the year, with highs near sea level usually in the range of 30–32°C/86–90°F, and lows around 22–25°C/72–77°F. The range drops about 6°C/11°F for every 1000m/3300ft in elevation. Rainfall is well distributed through the year, with a slight increase during the monsoon transition periods (April–May and October–November). By and large, you can expect to get a shower or storm every other day. The exceptions are those spots that face the winter monsoon winds head on, such as the northeast coast of the Malayan Peninsula and parts of north and east Borneo. Here, the rains can be torrential (over 600mm/24in per month in spots) from late autumn into early spring. In Singapore, the rains become almost twice as heavy during this period as they are from May to September. The tiny nation of Brunei, tucked within northwest Borneo, reflects the Malaysian climatic norm.