The Ship of the Desert: The Camel

The camel remains one of the most remarkable and important of all desert-adapted animals. Consider
the following facts about the camel:

  • Go seven months without drinking, if they can get moisture in their food
  • Go two weeks without a drink even if they eat nothing in the heat of summer
  • Lose 0 percent of its body weight to dehydration without ill effect (humans die if they lose percent)
  • Avoid the effects of dehydration because their oval blood cells do not stick together when their blood thickens
  • Drink gallons ( liters) of water at one sitting or 5 gallons ( 0 liters) in one -hour period
  • Guzzle water at a rate of up to gallons ( l) a minute
  • Withstand a body temperature of 0 °F ( °C) that would kill a human being
  • Withstand both heat and cold because their fur provides such great insulation that even snowflakes will not melt on it
  • Run at 0 miles (6 km) per hour
  • Carry 0 pounds ( kg) a distance of miles ( 5 km) in 6 days
  • Carry up to , 0 ( 6 kg) pounds at a time
  • Ignore sandstorms due to a transparent eyelid
  • Filter out dust and avoid losing moisture thanks to an intricate, hair-lined sinus cavity
  • Make a squeaking sound to attract female camels by grinding its teeth