Migrants in Advanced Old Age

A particular concern of both older people's welfare organizations and the public authorities in areas with high concentrations of older migrants is that some, through poor planning, bad luck, or sickness, end up in situations in which they are isolated, impoverished, and out of touch with both formal and informal support. Most who move long distances for retirement, whether within a country or across an international border, do so as couples. In most cases they move away from their closest family, and some move to foreign countries where they do not speak the language and have reduced entitlements to public sector healthcare, personal social services, and 'social' housing. Retirement migrants who move in their 50s or early 60s are generally fit and active, but as time passes, health and income decline and a point may come when one of the couple becomes severely ill or dies. Others are duped by property developers or builders. While most avoid severe problems, or have family or friends to help, there are occasional cases of serious distress.