Weather: Denmark

Except for its border between Jutland and Germany, Denmark is essentially an island nation with a climate to match. As in The Netherlands and southern Sweden, you can expect some form of light precipitation almost every other day year-round, although the rain or snow is seldom very heavy. Atlantic gales pound the west coast of Jutland in the autumn and winter, balanced by occasional frigid intrusions from the Arctic or Siberia. Summer days across Denmark are mild, with coolish evenings in the northwest European mold. The absence of a large land mass helps prevent the occasional heat waves of summer from reaching the intensity of nearby countries. Here, you can enjoy the clear skies and sunshine of a hot spell without quite as much sizzle. Late summer and early autumn bring the best chance of heavier showers and thunderstorms. By late October, it's usually quite grey and gloomy. May and June tend to be mild and sunny across Denmark and distinctly drier than the months that follow.