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What Influences Climates Near the Southern Isthmus of Central America?

THE SOUTHERN ISTHMUS OF CENTRAL AMERICA is geographically and climatically one of the most interesting places in the world. It is a narrow strip of land that connects Central America and South America and that separates very different waters of the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The climate of the region reflects intricately changing wind patterns […]

Weather: Central America

On a global scale, Central America might seem to be little more than a thread of land connecting the much larger fabrics of North and South America. Yet clinging to this thread is a spectacular array of landforms, cultures and micro-climates. As you'd expect for a region lying wholly between the Tropic of Cancer and […]

Native Peoples, 1492

Latin America: Central America and the Caribbean

A HUMAN PERSPECTIVE Central America forms an isthmus, a land bridge between North and South America. It also divides two oceans. This geographic fact has made the region attractive to the United States and other major world powers and has helped to keep the area fragmented and politically unstable. For example, in the early 20th […]

Central America Free Trade Agreement

THE CENTRAL America Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) is a treaty between the UNITED STATES and the countries of Central America (HONDURAS, GUATEMALA, EL SALVADOR, NICARAGUA and COSTA RICA)—what the Russians refer to as the “near abroad.” This is a parallel to the earlier NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement). The objective is a free-trade association […]